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USMLE - The United States Medical Licensing Examination

Step One assesses whether you understand and can apply important concepts of the sciences basic to the practice of medicine, with special emphasis on principles and mechanisms underlying health, disease, and modes of therapy. Step 1 ensures mastery of not only the sciences that provide a foundation for the safe and competent practice of medicine in the present, but also the scientific principles required for maintenance of competence through lifelong learning. Step 1 is constructed according to an integrated content outline that organizes basic science material along two dimensions: system and process. The exam takes 8 hours and is administered in 7 one-hour blocks over the course of a day.

Step Two assesses whether you can apply medical knowledge, skills, and understanding of clinical science essential for the provision of patient care under supervision and includes emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Step 2 ensures that due attention is devoted to principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills that provide the foundation for the safe and competent practice of medicine. The test takes nine hours, and is administered in 8 one-hour blocks over the course of a day.

ID Policy

For a USMLE exam, the examinee must present one form of non-expired, government-issued, photo- and signature-bearing ID in order to test. Examinee must present his/her Scheduling Permit as well.

If the primary ID does not have a signature, the examinee must present a form of non-expired, signature ID. Acceptable forms of primary ID include Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, Alien Registration card, National ID card, ECFMG Identification card. Acceptable forms of signature ID only include School ID card, Employee ID card and Credit card.

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States. Steps 1 & 2 are conducted at all our USEFP testing centers. Step-3 is conducted within USA and its territories. Each of the three Steps complements the others.

It is very important that the name which you register with exactly matches the name appearing on your ID.If there are any name discrepancies, then you would be asked for other valid IDs. Even then, if the name on your presented IDs does not match your registered name, you will be turned away.

Test Availability

At USEFP testing centers, USMLE test is offered two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday, throughout the year, except form January 1st to January 15th.

Exam Fees:

For information and process of ECFMG application, Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS please visit ECFMG Fees.

Exams Registration

Students and graduates of medical schools outside the United States and Canada can apply for Step 1 and Step 2 by following the instructions at the ECFMG website on ECFMG 2012 Information Booklet. Review and follow the application instructions, complete your application, and submit it to the ECFMG.

Obtaining Eligibility Period for Step 1 and Step 2

When applying for Step 1 or Step 2, you must select a three-month period, such as January-February-March or February-March-April, during which you prefer to take the examination. A Scheduling Permit with instructions for making an appointment at a Prometric Test Center will be issued to you after your registration entity processes your application and determines your eligibility. The Scheduling Permit specifies the three-month eligibility period during which you must complete the examination. During peak periods, allow up to approximately four weeks for processing of your application.

After obtaining your Scheduling Permit, you are able to contact Prometric immediately to schedule a test date. Prometric schedules testing appointments for Steps 1 and 2 CK up to six months in advance.

Scheduling Step 1 and Step 2

Your Scheduling Permit will be issued to you when the processing of your application is complete. You should verify the information on your Scheduling Permit before scheduling your appointment. Your Scheduling Permit includes the following:

  • your name
  • the examination for which you registered,
  • your eligibility period,
  • your testing region,
  • your Scheduling Number,
  • your Candidate Identification Number (CIN)

When scheduling you will be, you will be required to provide information found only on your Scheduling Permit. When you schedule your appointment, you will receive the following specific information:

  • the confirmed test day(s), date(s), and time
  • the address and telephone number of the Prometric Test Center where you will test; and
  • your Prometric Confirmation Number(s)

After you schedule your testing appointment, you can print a confirmation of your appointment from the prometric website. Scheduling a test appointment for a specific date at a Prometric Test Center is not a guarantee that the scheduled test time or location will remain available. You are encouraged to confirm your testing appointment one week prior to your test date.

You will not be able to take the test if you do not bring your Scheduling Permit to the test center.

Reschedule/Cancel exam

If you are unable to keep your testing appointment on the scheduled date(s) or at the scheduled location, you may change your date(s) or center by following the instructions on your Scheduling Permit for contacting Prometric. You will need to provide your Prometric Confirmation Number when you reschedule.

To avoid a rescheduling fee, you must cancel or reschedule your appointment at least five business days before your appointment. If you are testing outside the United States or Canada, you must cancel or reschedule by noon local time of the Regional Registration Center for your testing region at least five business days before your appointment. If you provide less than five business days' notice, Prometric will charge you a fee to reschedule your test date(s).

There is no fee to cancel a scheduled testing appointment; the fee, if applicable, is due at the time of rescheduling.

  • If you cancel more than 14 calendar days before (but not including) your scheduled test date, there is no fee to reschedule.
  • If you cancel during the 14-day period before (but not including) your scheduled test date, your fee will be $150 when you reschedule.
  • If you miss your scheduled testing appointment without canceling, your fee will be $400 when you reschedule.

If you are unable to keep your scheduled testing appointment, you should cancel your appointment as soon as possible to avoid a rescheduling fee, regardless of whether you are ready to reschedule.

Note: Your rescheduled test date(s) must fall within your assigned eligibility period.

Scores and Score Reports

The requirements for passing the USMLE Step examinations are reviewed periodically. Notice of such reviews and the results of these reviews will be posted to the USMLE website.

There are two scales on which USMLE results are reported, a three-digit scale and a two-digit scale. On the three-digit scale, the current minimum passing scores are as follows: *

Examination Minimum Passing Score
Step 1 185
Step 2 CK 184

On the two-digit scale, the minimum passing score is always a 75.

Your score report includes a pass/fail designation, numerical scores, and graphical performance profiles summarizing areas of strength and weakness to aid in self-assessment. These profiles are developed solely for your benefit and will not be reported or verified to any third party. Results for computer-based examinations are typically available within three to four weeks after your test date. However, delays are possible for various reasons. In selecting your test date and inquiring about results, you should allow at least eight weeks to receive notification that your score report is available.

Test Preparation Materials

Sample Test Materials

The best preparation for the USMLE is a general, thorough review of the content reflected in the examination descriptions available on the USMLE website or from your registration entity and run the sample test materials available on the USMLE website or on the 2010 USMLE compact disc (CD). The 2010 USMLE CD is available through your registration entity.

Practicing with the Software

You should acquaint yourself with the test software well before your test date(s). Practice time is not available on the test day, and test center staff is not authorized to provide instruction on use of the software.

Sample test materials to practice with the software (both multiple-choice questions and Primum CCS cases) are available at the USMLE website.

Disability Services

The USMLE program provides reasonable accommodations for examinees with disabilities that are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA). For details on disability services please contact: