Who can apply for a University Partnerships grant?

  • The departments of U.S. and Pakistani universities that were a part of the original University Partnerships Program
  • A list of 26 Pakistani and 20 U.S. universities

How can an eligible university department submit a grant application?

  • A faculty/administrative staff member employed in the department which previously participated in the U.S. University Partnerships Program may submit an online grant application by email on behalf of the Partner University.
  • Application documents can be requested from USEFP.

When do applications open?

  • Quarterly beginning October 2020. Each quarter has a one-month application submission window announced by USEFP to all partners.
  • All proposals must be submitted to USEFP by email to alumni@usefp.org

How does a Pakistani university become a new trainee beneficiary university of this program?

  • A lead applicant will sign an MOU with a new beneficiary university to include them into their training program
  • Potential beneficiary universities will be contacted directly by a lead applicant